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Sounds good

Swedish Aupair, serching for friends!


15 feb   Barcelona

Hello My name is Maria and I&39;m 20 years old. In my speartime I like to dance, sing, play the guitar, go hiking, etc. This wednesday I moved from Sweden to Barcelona to work as an au pair. I dpn&39;t know anyone here in Spain so I would like to meet some friends: If you would like to take a coffee or beer with me, or maybe climb a mountain together, tell me

Cr4zie4ce Hi, i-m also searching new friends in this city as i don-t know a lot of people and i would like to do a lot of fun things like festivals, clubbing and stuff my number is 658490930
Felipe Dalebout Are you up to climbing that Mountain... Or just another just as crazy adventure? Im looking for someone who is up to an unknown adventure of being my friend :] Are you as fun as you say.. well I would like to find out.. lets do something fun together soon. Add me on fb if your interested :]