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Meet people living in Barcelona for English exchange language

English Language Exchange

14 feb   Barcelona


My name is Yolanda, I am from Barcelona: I would love to meet people to speak English.

See you soon!! 

Cr4zie4ce Hi, i-m also searching new friends in this city as i don-t know a lot of people and i would like to do a lot of fun things like festivals, clubbing and stuff my number is 658490930
rabiya232 Hi, I am very sorry if my message will be a kind of embarrassment to you since I do not know you in person or have met you before, My Name is Miss Rabiya iam from Syrian.i would love to know more about you,you can email me back with this email address for more introduction, (
Melie rabiya232 said -embarrassment to you- ermmm why embarrassing...I do not understand!! Anyway I want to relocate to Barcelona and Costa Brava so it would be nice to meet a group of you when I go in December...for friendship and /or English/Catalan exchange for me :)